Scholarship Options
Give Aways and Scholarships

Pay Your Tuition (PYT) connects families and banks to provide innovative solutions to finance higher education. We believe that technology and data can unlock new solutions to bridge the higher education funding gap.

Free Money

The best part, the money received does not have to be payed back.

Improves Performance

It reduces financial stress and concerns which reduces a student's ability to study, gain knowledge and earn better grades.

A Career Advantage

Earning a scholarship makes a student more distinct when they finally apply for jobs and internships.

Avoid Debt

It removes the financial barrier in pursuing college education and allows increased financial freedom compared to a loan.

The Smarter Way To Pay Your Tuition

Below are 3 options to receive money towards tuition


Ascent's Social Cause Scholarship

For more Scholarship Options

Below are is a link to our rolling scholarship list. It is updated weekly.