Reduce Your Tuition Funding Gap By $2500.00

The Student Loanership takes the negative experience of an outstanding tuition bill and turns into a positive experience with economic incentives for students to complete their studies and obtain employment.

Student Loanerships reward customers for taking positive steps toward degree completion and future employment. The Loanership begins as a loan, but students can convert the funding to grant dollars by completed their degrees and other specified goals tied to academic progress and future employment.

funding gap

The Smarter Way To Pay Your Tuition

30 Months Max Repayment

6.99%-8.99% APR

50% of the loanership can be converted to grants when academic benchmarks are met

No Credit Card Required

No Cosigner Required

Loanerships are capped at $2,500 and carry a maximum repayment term of 30 months. As the student makes progress toward degree completion, the loan is restructured with a portion of the outstanding debt being converted to grant funding for each benchmark achieved. A student borrower who meets all three benchmarks will have their outstanding tuition debts reviewed. The benchmark incentives are as follows:

If you have an outstanding tuition debt of $2,500 or less and have exhausted all federal, state and school-based aid

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