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PYT Partners with GS2 to Launch a No Co-Signer Student Loan

San Diego, CA / May 11, 2017 —  Goal Structured Solutions, Inc. (“GS2”) announces that students are now empowered to alleviate the unnecessary debt burden on their families with the next iteration of its Ascent Program for Funding Education (“Ascent”). Ascent Independent is a new student loan that considers more than a credit score and current income to give students greater opportunities to pay for school on their own, without a cosigner.

To help make paying for school more affordable for students, GS2 also improved pricing and introduced fixed rates for both Ascent Independent and the existing Ascent Tuition student loans.Today’s announcement reflects GS2’s ongoing commitment to provide students with more opportunities to fund their education with a loan in their own name. Over 1,800 schools are currently eligible for Ascent Independent and Ascent Tuition. Ascent addresses a real need for students and enhances access to higher education, while preserving the notion that students and their families should not be over-burdened with debt.


“We continue to provide innovative solutions in education finance that change the way people pay for college. Our Ascent Program for Funding Education, with its new Independent product, is our boldest innovation yet.  While the rest of the market is making loans to parents, our objective is to put the money in the hands of the people who need it the most, students!” added Ken Ruggiero, Chairman and CEO of GS2. “We’ve developed our products with students in mind.  We believe that higher education is a worthy investment and an opportunity for students to gain financial literacy and security.”


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