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One Stop Shop to Pay "My" Tuition


Classes should be challenging. Funding college shouldn’t be.

That is why we are your one-stop-shop for all of your financial needs and tuition assistance. PYT Funds provides alternative solutions to the traditional student loan by combining crowdfunding with an alternative credit scoring model to improve your chances of being approved for a private student loan.

Private student loans are loans funded by banks or other lending institutions. It is often more difficult for a student to obtain a private student loan because they require an established credit history or a creditworthy cosigner, yet federal student aid does not. While every student situation can vary, there are some students who are unable to finance the entirety of their education with federal student aid alone.

If you find yourself wondering, “How will I pay my tuition?” You are in luck, PYT can help. With our proprietary non-traditional process, we are able to bypass the inflexible traditional student loan requirements by creating a space to crowdfund the remaining tuition balance to decrease the debt burden, and then employ our alternative credit scoring model to increase the likelihood of your private student loan getting approved.


At PYT Funds, our goal is to make sure hardworking students like you get the funding they need without the extra hurdles to get to the finish line and receive their degree. Even without a traditional credit history or a cosigner, PYT will work with you to develop a strategy to raise the funds you need and also get approved for a loan if the funds you raised are not enough. When all other funding options are exhausted, you can come to PYT Funds to find a solution to pay your tuition.



Contact us to learn more about paying your tuition and how PYT can help you obtain the funds you need to graduate. For more information, please contact [email protected].

"Pay My Tuition"