October 30, 2019 - PYT Funds

October 30, 2019 Report


Fundraising: Currently raising Team Members: 5
Date Founded: January, 2015 Shareholders: 5

We make a college education affordable for the under-supported student.

We are a Qualified Small Business under Section 1244


Strategic Asks

  • We are seeking introductions to college and university leaders to offer a new option for students. We hope to build a network within alumni organizations in DC, Maryland, Virginia, Delaware, Arkansas, and West Virginia. We have led the conversation around "Additional Aid For Academic Success" for years and we have a platform that makes it easy for alumni to fund students so they can focus on academics. 

Sales and Marketing

  • Two projects and proposals are in the pipeline. The first is working towards building a relationship with the Arkansas Community Foundation, offering The Student Loanership™ to support individuals in an achievement-based loan product. The other is strengthening our relationship with main loan partner, Ascent.

Products and Services

  • Ascent has partnered with us to provide a refer-a-friend program, giving students more opportunities to pay for college with or without a cosigner. Our newest collaboration allows users to earn up to $500 if a friend is approved for an Ascent loan!

  • While finals are still a month away, next semester is looming. We strive to give students the final push financing needed to graduate. Please share the products offered on our website to help those who may not have the perfect credentials required for small private student loans. 


  • PYT Founder, Stacie Whisonant, has moved into the Department of Education and Federal Student Aid department so we are working to set up a blind trust. We are proud of the influence she will have on the entire nation going forward. Our new CEO, Richard Adams, is excited about this new chapter and what lies ahead. 


Three new Fellows have joined the Team:

  • Georgie McGowan is about to finish her Master’s Degree in Economics at the University of Liverpool, with a thesis that investigates the social impact of macroeconomic events on cohorts' investment habits. Her interest in social behaviors from an economics perspective has been useful in expanding our mission of democratizing the student debt crisis. 

  • Ethan Ellert graduated from George Mason University with a B.A. in Global Affairs and a minor in Data Analysis. He is finishing up a Master's in Information from the University of Michigan. 

  • Elaman Saralayev is a graduate of the American University of Central Asia, majoring in Business Administration. He is excited to plunge into the world of professional development and put his theoretical knowledge into practice.