October 1, 2019 Report - PYT Funds

October 1, 2019 Report


Fundraising: Currently raising Team Members: 5
Date Founded: January, 2015 Shareholders: 5

We make a college education affordable for the under-supported student.

We are a Qualified Small Business under Section 1244


Strategic Asks

  • PYT Funds is closer to becoming a CDIF. The first and most pressing task the US Treasury asked us to complete is to refine our current balance sheet and end of year financials, allowing them to determine the main financing activity of PYT Funds. We need additional resources to complete this task. If you or someone you know can assist us with this process or advise us moving forward, please reach out to Richard

Products and Services

  • Our flagship project, the Loanership, provides access to fair and socially responsible loans to students. We look forward to sharing more stories of success in the coming months. 

  • In addition to our education aid support, we are also providing valuable coaching to young women and men seeking advice while in college.


  • Our CEO, Richard Adams, met with Founder Stacie Whisonant to develop our seven-point road map to success. We will share it soon. This seven-point plan will be used as our reporting framework so we can show progress toward our goals. We will welcome any feedback you can provide. 


  • Richard Adams, new Chief Executive Officer of PYT Funds, will be leading the charge for our sixth year of making a positive impact on students.

  • Two team members are joining us this month. When both offers are accepted, we will send an announcement before the end of October