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Pay Your Tuition Funds (PYT) connects families and banks to provide innovative solutions to finance higher education. We believe that technology and data can unlock new solutions to bridge the higher education funding gap.

PYT offers multiple student-centric solutions to match you with the right money to meet your needs. We listen to and shape your story to help banks invest in your success. Share your story to unlock the solution that fits your needs.


Give the gift of tuition. Receive a tax deduction. We’ll match you with a student in need.

Pay Your Tuition Foundation is an impact fund that supports students from being turned down by the traditional lenders. Your donations serve as collateral support to fund traditional lending and for the support of PYT loanerships. We will make a loanership to a student in need. A loanership is a credit building scholarship structured like a loan to help build credit for deserving students who just need “a break” to graduate and can not qualify for a current bank product. Your donations can serve as collateral support for loans or for loanerships.

Donations are 100% tax deductible. PYT is proud to be fiscally sponsored by THE GIVING BACK FUND. GBF is a 501C3 ORGANIZATION | EIN 04-3367888. Please make a note on the donation payment if you prefer to participate in the impact fund or sponsor a loanership.

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Thank you for dedicating your time and energy to help more students graduate. We’re excited to work with you!

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According to The National Student Clearinghouse, only 55% of first-time undergraduates finished their degrees within 6 years. Too often, this happens because students are unable to fund their tuition, even after taking out hundreds of thousands of dollars in loans. Volunteer with PYT to stop this trend and help students finish college so they can continue with the futures they’ve worked for.

Contact us below and tell us more about yourself and your interests, and we’ll respond to get you started.

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As we continue to grow, we are constantly interested in partnering with new investors.


We are currently seeking angel investors, grant funding, or sponsors for student scholarships. Investors can direct grant funds to the company to our general student database or to a specific segments of students, geographies, or universities.

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We offer a turnkey solution to participate in the student loan space. We identify high-potential, low-risk students by analyzing alternative data to generate a PYT-Score and predict the potential default. Additionally, students use our crowdfunding platform to raise collateral for the loan or raise all of the funds needed.

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Our bank partners can pick the terms of the offer. We provide our bank partners with the next generation of clients for life by building trust and loyalty as early as possible.


The bonus benefit is that our bank partners can receive Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) credit for partnering with us. Become a partner today.

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PYT works to make the process of paying for college as smooth and simple as possible. You can start the process right here in five minutes or fewer. We know that the worst situation to be in is to have debt without graduating. We offer multiple options‒loans, scholarships, and grants‒to ensure none of our students face that situation.


We consider your situation to assess which funding options you qualify for and which are best for you. Traditional banks only use credit scores to determine a student’s default risk-level, which we believe contributes to the tuition funding gap. Our alternative scoring model generates a PYT-score, utilizing technology to find and analyze academic, professional, and social data to determine a risk-level associated with each student to help them qualify for more funding options. PYT’s platform can also be used to raise money, apply for a private loan, or apply for our innovative ‘Loanership’, a loan forgiven after a year of payments that builds students’ credit scores.

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Join us in Changing how to PAY FOR TUITION

We bring stakeholders together to share the risk burden of student loans. We help students pay their tuition and offer unique benefits to each stakeholder, including opportunities to invest in high potential students close to graduating who just need a little help to get over the finish line. Click on the link that best represents you to find out more.