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Student Loanership Program

The Student Loanership Program (™) Reg. No. 5,632,44 is a financial product developed and trademarked by Stacie Whisonant, Founder of PYT Funds Inc. (Pay Your Tuition). The student loanership is a hybrid between a loan and a scholarship.  The way a loanership works is, 50% to 100% of the loan amount is eligible for benefits if the students meet certain requirements. The student loanership is race agnostic.  The loanership will serve any student who is in need of filling a funding gap for higher education, however the profile of students who need the services most are low and middle income college juniors and seniors who need $5,00 or less to graduate. 

The product takes the negative experience of an outstanding tuition bill and turns it into a positive experience with economic incentives for students to complete their studies and obtain employment. Loanership recipients receive financial literacy and counseling services after receiving funding to ensure that they are in the best position to repay their debt. 

Loanerships are capped at $2,500 and carry a maximum repayment term of 30 months. As the student makes progress toward degree completion, the loan is restructured with a portion of the outstanding debt converted to grant funding for each benchmark achieved. 

The benchmark incentives are as follows:

  • Employment Incentive: Obtain or maintain employment of any type while enrolled in classes (internships, Federal Work-Study, and part-time jobs all qualify): 15% of outstanding loan balance is converted to grant funding;
  • Graduation Incentive: Complete your course of study: 25% of outstanding balance is converted to grant funding;
  • Federal Student Loan Repayment Incentive: Make your first payment or otherwise take action (apply for deferment or forbearance and/or enroll in Income-Driven Repayment Plan) when your first federal student loan payment is due: 10% of outstanding loan balance is converted to grant funding.

Interested students would fill out an online Student Loanership application. Pay Your Tuition’s proprietary algorithm analyzes applicant information, such as GPA, work experience, and outstanding debt, to assign each applicant a PYT-Score. The score is an alternative to the traditional FICO Score, and predicts the applicant’s likelihood to default. The score also helps PYT customize financial literacy resources for each student. Qualified students will then receive a Student Loanership of up to $2,500. Before the student graduates, PYT will provide them with career counseling, interview preparation, and resume building services. Studies show that only 50% of American students start college and finish. Pay Your Tuition can help to move the needle closer to 100% with an upward mobility credit building scholarship that will not only fill the funding gap but also help the graduate enter in the U.S economy by establishing credit.


*Loanership Trademark number: 5,632,440


Student Testimonials

Last semester when I was struggling to find ways to pay my college tuition, I reached out to a mentor, and she recommended Pay Your Tuition. As soon as I reached out to Pay Your Tuition, I was contacted by Richard Adams, and he was very quick at helping me brainstorm some ways to get money to pay my tuition. I was very scared that I wasn’t going to be able to graduate. I had one more semester before graduation and the university I attend  was threatening to remove me from my classes if I didn’t pay the balance I owed. Pay Your Tuition helped me cover that balance very quickly and now I can graduate. I am very grateful to Pay Your Tuition for all of their help. If you’re going through the same troubles, I highly recommend that you contact Pay Your Tuition. They will be very willing to help you. - Ezhana Adams University of Redlands


I’ve had a wonderful opportunity to work with the Pay Your Tuition family. I first discovered Pay Your Tuition from reading Angel Rich’s book “The History of the Black Dollar”. To be quite honest, I was quite surprised to find information about Pay Your Tuition in Angela’s book eight months ago when I first got in contact with the Pay Your Tuition Family. Ever since those eight months I have been working faithfully with the Pay Your Tuition family to help me come up with ways and strategize options for me to pay my debt to my university. Thank you PYT family for all of your help, guidance and support. Richard Adams you are amazing. - Larry Williams University of Wisconsin-Whitewater