September 6, 2019 Report - PYT Funds

September 6, 2019 Report

Friends and supporters, 

We are very pleased to announce that Stacie has selected Co-Founder Richard Adams to succeed her as PYT Funds interim Chief Executive Officer.

Richard served as Director of Operations for the last six years, working alongside students, senior leadership, and key stakeholders. Richard has extensive social impact experience, particularly impact-driven organizations' capacity to re-invest via financial services and institutions. His previous experience includes managing operations for a Fortune 500 Company and forging relationships with diverse stakeholders. We are thrilled that someone with a deep history and knowledge of our organization will lead PYT Funds into the future. 

On behalf of PYT Funds Executive Board of Directors, we wish Stacie Whisonant much success at the Department of Education and Federal Student Aid. Stacie’s passion and vision of the empowerment of all college students, particularly women and girls, have elevated our platform both nationally and internationally. We are deeply grateful for Stacie’s six years of leadership and know that she will continue to achieve great things.

With this transition, Stacie and Richard have worked together to create a roadmap to success with seven key objectives. These points will be used to structure our monthly communications going forward and to measure our traction. We look forward to sharing more in the next update and welcome any feedback. 

Please join us in welcoming Richard Adams as PYT Funds incoming interim CEO and wishing Stacie well. This is an exciting time for PYT Funds! 

Thank you for your support,
PYT Funds Executive Board