Frequently Asked Questions

  • PYT’s “Student FICO Score” will lower the default rates of private student loans with an alternative credit score solution. The score is tested and proven with over 22,000 consumer loans from applicants with NO credit history.

    While banks are sticking to the traditional FICO scoring models, PYT’s disruptive platform will break down barriers to funding with lower default rates.

    We capture social and professional data to generate a predictive lending score. We do not sell or link your data to any affiliates or third parties.  Your Score is NOT public information or reported on your social media.

  • The more social and professional profiles you report, the better the PYT score.  We only use your score for better lending options. By linking Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google to your score, we can enhance the traditional FICO score to ensure you get the loan you deserve.

  • Step 1: Get your PYT Student Score.

    Step 2: COMPLETE a profile. You need a clear goal that has that has a positive message to inspire people to give to your cause. Also, be sure to state the total amount you are seeking. People give when you tell a honest and truthful story. Most students can finish both these steps in about 15 to 20 minutes.

    Step 3: Share with friends and family daily to maximize donations.

    Step 4: If you do not reach your goal, apply for a gap funding loan on the PYT website.

    Step 5: Get funded!

  • You bet your bottom dollar! We take every necessary step to ensure EVERY transaction is securely encrypted using industry accepted technology. This is the same technology used by banks and credit card companies.

  • Not a problem, we know you tried. With PYT, you get to keep all of your donation money. PYT helps you reach your educational goal by pairing you with our banking partners. Our trusted lenders can help you with a private loan if you do not meet your funding goal.

  • Unfortunately, not at this time. However, we are working hard to make sure all donation are tax deductible in the future. Donations made to PYT are considered a community gift to a student you want to help be successful.  We are not accountants, you can always check with a tax professional for tax related questions.

  • Your donors are only charged PayPal's fees which are 2.9% of the donation + .30 cents USD per transaction.

  • Notify PYT via email [email protected]  We will direct funds to the school of choice via electronic transfers or traditional USPS mail.  

  • To create a profile using your social media page is optional. However, linking all of your most used social media accounts is recommended for quick sharing of your campaign. To generate a PYT Student Score we need access to at least two different social media accounts to generate the best score. You can link up to four social accounts to maximize your score results.

  • PYT Funds is solely for educational campaigns. Please do not break any local, state or federal laws. Also, always follow the golden rule! When in doubt, just send us an email [email protected]  with your question(s).

  • Once you reach or exceed your goal the money is transferred directly to your university or college of attendance.  Any additional funds over any balance(s) due to the school will be disbursed from the financial aid office.

  • Yes of course! We suggest that you tell your friend, or family member first. For all bank-funding options the person you have started a profile for on PYT Funds will need to apply for funds themselves.