I'm Nakya Robinson a sophomore, General Agriculture major at the University of Maryland Eastern Shore my cumulative GPA is 2.89. I'm in need of financial assistance because I'm an independent student. I've been overwhelmed with paying my tuition, required online programs as well as transportation. I've faced a myriad obstacles in my year and a half of being at my university be they personal, financial or academic. Personally I've been assisting my single mother with caring for my five siblings. That consists of making sure they have food, clothes and are able to get back and forth to school. Financially I've been struggling trying to maintain tuition, books online programs, helping my mother out as well as having the required necessities I need for myself. In overcoming these obstacles I plan to apply for scholarships, grants and more loans, and make more time for seeing a tutor. I will have to continue to help my mother and siblings because I'm all they have at the moment. After I graduate undergrad I will apply for graduate school and receive my DVM so I can practice and own a chain of veterinary offices as well as mobile clinic in urban areas to accommodate those with out transportation and making the services more affordable so more animals are able to be seen. While starting my non-profit organization that integrates animals and students with churches or recreational activity centers in urban areas to promote Agricultural Literacy.With this being said I would like to thank you all for your consideration. It is certainly appreciated.