Nadiefa Lattibeaudiere


My Name is Nadiefa Lattibeaudiere I  live in Kingston Jamaica. I have been trying for over 3 years to start my Masters Degree. Before I started the application process a family member offered to be my sponsor however, upon receiving acceptance he told me that he is not in a position to help. I started researching student loans and found out that I could get a private loan from an American Bank if I have a Credit Worthy US cosigner. I have been actively trying to get someone to cosign my student loan but without much success. I even write to the Government of Jamaica asking for assistance but did not get a response.

I am from a small low income family in rural Jamaica where I rise above my circumstances and worked and study hard to complete my Associate and Bachelors Degree while working a full-time Job.

I am a hard working and dedicated young lady that continues to strive for excellence. Education is very important to me, which is why I encourage and offer assistance to young people trying to pursue their education.

I was offered admission to Florida International University on three(3) occasions to pursue a Masters In International Business. It was my dream to attend FIU however due to the financial requirements I had try a different alternative. I was recently offered admission to University of Bridgeport in Connecticut to pursue a MBA with concentration is International Business. I am still trying to find a sponsor or a cosigner for my student.

If given the opportunity to start my Graduate studies in January 2016 I would be forever greatful.

Thanks & Regards,

Nadiefa Lattibeaudiere