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Dear family and friends,

My name is Lailah Fofana, I am currently a graduating senior at Howard University.

I have a chance to win $500 to help pay my tuition.  I need 8 to 10 family members or friends to donate as little as $5 to help me qualify to win $500.  Your donation vouches for my dedication to earn my degree.  By earning this scholarship and receiving your donation, I am empowered to graduate with far less student loan debt. My major is communications with a concentration on mass media; my minor is business administration. I am currently on the Dean's List with a 3.4 GPA; last semester I earned a 4.0 semester cumulative average. Over the summer, I was in an internship program at Kaiser Permanente in Rockville, Maryland.  I worked in the marketing and communications department.  Currently, I am active in the African Students Association and the California Club.  Last year, I competed against students all over the country and was selected as an intern in the prestigious American Express internship program here in Washington, D.C.  I am the very first student from Howard to accomplish this goal.  

My experience at Howard has been AMAZING! I have learned and grown so much in three short years, and I feel confident that upon graduation I will be well prepared to pursue my goals.


Thank you so much in advance for your donation!!

All the best,


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