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PYT connects families and banks to provide a new solution to financing education


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*Non- FICO credit score data is obtained to create additional funding options.


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Choose to crowdfund, apply for a loan, or both.
*Leverage your own network to raise cash for tuition balance. Friends and family can vouch for your success.


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Receive the funds you need to complete your degree
*Loan = Degree
*No-cosigner loan = Degree
*Crowdfunding = Degree

For Students

  • What is PYT? We are an online platform built to give students and families an alternative option to help pay for higher education costs. We bring together the collective power of using traditional bank funding, alternative data and crowdfunding to create a solution to help you pay your tuition.
  • How do I get started? Create a PYT profile online and tell us your story so that we can better assess your needs and determine how we can help. Once the profile is complete, your options are to
    1). Inquire about a private student loan. No co-signer? No problem. We got you Covered.
    2). Build a kick-starter style profile to raise money online from friends and family. PYT puts the power to pay your tuition in your hands.
  • Want to know more? A specialized higher education consultant can speak to you.

The PYT Fund

The mission of Pay Your Tuition Fund is to use technology and data to build an alternative funding platform that provides students and families with the power to lower the educational debt burden with scholarships and micro-lending products. We aim to provide socially responsible financial products as the first solution to obtain an education. Funds from this pool are used to originate micro-loans and need-based scholarships.
Contact us to find out more.

Alternative Solutions

Pay Your Tuition will be able to help. We have alternative loan types for all credit profiles. A credit score is not the only way to qualify for a loan. Apply today for pre-approval to alternative solutions.

4 Mistakes You Are Making With Financial Aid

1. Not completing FAFSA by your college’s deadline
Most colleges have limited funds for financial aid so when you apply late, you run the risk of not getting first dibs on scholarships, FSEOG grants or work study. Find out your college’s deadline and make sure you’re applying by the due date. This year, you’re in luck - you can start applying for FAFSA starting on October 1st.  
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