Fran's Final Semester

 Dear family and friends, My name is Francina Akuazaoku , I am currently a graduating senior. I have a chance to win $500 to help pay my tuition. I need 8 to 10 family members or friends to donate as little as $5 to help me qualify to win $500. Your donation vouches for my dedication to earn my degree. By earning this scholarship and receiving your donation, I am empowered to graduate with far less student loan debt. As an update and confirmation I am: Currently enrolled at Howard University. My major is TV Productions and my minor is Theater Tech. GPA - 3.2 I've interned at WHUR radio station and I am currently Interning at Voice of America. I've also participated in several community service projects such as Bison Run Clothes Drive, Lupus foundation walk,Children's hospital blood drive, etc. I'm pretty "tech savy" for the most part for the fact that I vb am knowledgable in different software editing program's. I enjoy producing and directing short films. At my current internship, I actually assist in on two programs. I also enjoying being in front of the camera. Acting is a fun part of what I love to do as well.