Dear Friends Old and New, Far and Wide,

I have been given the opportunity to continue my musical studies at the New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music in New York City with a 50% scholarship starting this Fall. It is important for my artistic career to be in New York City, a hub for the music I love to sing: jazz, R&B, and opera. Attending The New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music provides me with the opportunity to gain more educational tools to create my own music, perfect my musical talents, perform, and finally, connect and heal people through my music.

This is where you come in! Join me in this journey by supporting me in raising the funds for the rest of my New School tuition. My studies include 4 semesters, each costing $10,520. It is my goal to raise $21,040 by September 1 to cover my entire tuition for my first year (2 semesters total) of school. I am also seeking creative, sustainable ways to raise the funds for the rest of my tuition and board, so all feedback and suggestions are welcome! In fact, every two weeks from now through September 1 I will be releasing a new music video of my own, original music. If you like what you hear, please share my music with your friends and families. By the end of this campaign, I will have released 8 new pieces! Share them all!

Through your support by sharing my music and financial contribution, you are not only supporting me in completing my educational studies, which otherwise would not be possible, but as well raising my voice to be heard and in solidarity with others through melody, harmony, rhythm, and sound.

Thank you all!

My Story

I’m fascinated by the human voice. This fascination began at a very young age when I began to sing and learn different techniques of singing. Over the years, my voice became an avenue to be heard and to join others in their struggle to be heard. I joined Heartbeat, an Israeli-Palestinian youth music program, at the age of 16 inspired by the possibility of doing something that is considered by many to be impossible. To this day, I am still a part of Heartbeat as a member of Heartbeat’s touring band, and have performed throughout the United States, Germany, and Israel/Palestine, using music as a powerful tool for social change and humanization. In addition, I have completed two years of vocal study at the CJS Israel Conservatory in Tel Aviv.

I have so much to say, and it is through my voice that I have discovered an instrument to be heard and have purpose in life. This is ultimately what I hope to inspire and teach others to discover within themselves, too. My musical career is just sparking, so join me in writing the future of my story!