Arpita Vats

I belong to a lower middle class family, it was my dream to continue my study in USA as i am having background i computer Science so i wanted to give society as much i can

With a strong academic background in Computer Science and a passion for this innovative field, I am now resolved to take the next natural step in pursuing my academic and career goals by acquiring a graduate level education in Computer Science. My objectives for this particular level of study include enhancement of my technical knowledge, strengthening of my analytical skills and opening of newer avenues of specializations in the field subsequently. My current interest areas in the field include Software Engineering, Database Management System and Artificial Intelligence. My short term goal is to acquire practical experience post my graduate studies in order to continuously develop my skills and contribute to the field in the long term.

 I am a self-motivated individual, committed to realizing my potential in life. I am driven by a positive attitude and the rationality in my approach rarely lets me down. My academic background has helped me develop strong reasoning and analytical skills.

I hereby, thank you for considering my application and hope that you will give me an opportunity to live this dream and let me become a part of this excellent academic milieu.