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PYT connects families and banks to provide a new solution for financing education

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1) Apply for PYT Funding
2) Create a Fundraising Campaign
3) Meet your funding goal by fundraising or a PYT loan

Puzzle for the Community

Alternative Funding: The more academic and social data provided increases the opportunity for funding.

Rocket to Success

Lower Debt by Fundraising: Attract the collective power of your family, friends and the community with a PYT profile by fundraising to lower your loan amount.

For Students

Apply for your funding needs by completing a profile. A complete PYT Profile includes a Facebook, LinkedIN and Twitter account to increase your chances for approval. While awaiting approval results we encourage you to do your best to lower your debt by attracting the collective power of your family, friends, and community. This step is referred to as crowdfunding. We provide the platform to create and share your funding campaign with a “Kickstarter” or “GoFundMe” style profile. Students nationwide are reducing their student loans by using our community gifting platform to lower the amount financed. All funds raised on the platform and the approved loan amount are sent directly to the college or university you are officially enrolled.

Donor Benefits

You can help to lower the cost of a student's education by contributing to a PYT student campaign. We ensure the contribution goes directly to the student's school. Contributions are safe, secure, and insured by PayPal.

As a donor to the PYT Non-Profit Fund your gift is tax deductible. Funds from this pool are used to originate micro-loans and need-based scholarships. Contact us for more donor information.

Join the Movement on Reducing Student Debt

Getting a college degree should not be a "debt" sentence. PYT Funds believes in the power of numbers. By joining forces and using the innovation of alternative social lending we can tackle the larger issue of tuition cost. Your signature empowers us to apply the needed pressure on the government, colleges and universities to correct this problem. Sign up now to help us craft solutions to finance the future!

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